Scavengers are the organisms which feed on the dead and decaying these help the environment to be clean by eating out all the waste these organisms help the environment by cleaning the dead and decaying things.the scavengers help by breaking the organic matter into small pieces and then these pieces are digested by the decomposers. So scavengers helps to clean the environment.... Hope this helps u.pls mark as brainliest...
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Scavengers keep the environment clean by:

1. In a forest or village many animals die. Soon after that they start rotting which damages the environment. But the scavengers come on these places and eat the flesh and bone of these animals. The remaining left out of these animals get dissolved in the soil and this does not harm the environment.Thus the scavengers helps in keeping the environment clean

2. Examples of scavengers are Vultures , Crows.

3. Without the help of these scavengers our earth will get filled with disgusting smell in the environment making humans unable to live.
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