First of all, you could make sure to through out your trash in the proper place. Also you could start a compost bin and keep worms inside then as a mother project you could get classes to plant trees and a garden. then when the worms is the compost have eaten you can take the worms to the garden to help the soil. i hope this helped! :D 
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Students can prevent pollution by: If they have a car keep it in good running condition so the exhaust will not pollute the air. 
If the student is changing the oil in the car, do not put the oil in the sewer or any waterway. Take the oil to a fire department or gas station or call the county garbage office and ask a safe way to dispose of the oil that could damage the rivers and lakes or our drinking water. 
If the student is going to buy new tires for his or her car then the old ones need to go. Do not throw them just anywhere they are made of material that can be a health risk for many who have breathing problems. Call the local garbage collection agency and ask where to take them

Students are powerful and anything they can do to stop pollution of our world would be a great gift to all people who depend on our natural resources.