Urmilas husband is lakshmana.Lakshmana considers his brother Rama as his soul and can do anything for Rama.when kaikeyi said to Rama of 14 years vanavasam in forest , Lakshmana also decides to go along with Rama at this time Lakshmana makes his wife to sleep for these 14 years.
Please say what happens after lakshmana comes from vanavasam
actually at the time of vanavasam Lakshmana did not slept as he gave his sleep to his wife urmila .so day and night since 14 years urmila did not awake. so immediately after vanavasam lakshmana slept as he did not slept for 14 years
for how many years did he sleep after vanavasam
why did lakshmana sleep after coming from fotests he gave his sleep to his wiife no