Sir Sarthak Pant'' said,"In the wake of heavy monsoon rain and flash floods in Jammu and Kashmir, which have killed over four hundred and rendered hundreds of thousand homeless, the Indian Armed Forces were deployed in increasing numbers starting September 2, 2014 to conduct search, rescue, relief, relocation,humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation missions in Jammu and Kashmir.[1][2] By September 18, over 200,000 people were rescued from the various parts of Jammu and Kashmir by the Armed forces.[3][4][5] The Jammu and Kashmir floods, the worst in a century according to Omar Abdullah, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, paralyzed the state government. Omar Abdullah, responding to public criticism, told the media “I had no government” in the first few days following the floods, as “My secretariat, the police headquarters, the control room, fire services, hospitals, all the infrastructure was underwater.” Adding “I had no cell phone and no connectivity. I am now starting to track down ministers and officers.”[6] The Jammu and Kashmir floods of 2014 have been blamed on heavy rainfall, about 8 inches (200mm) on 4 September alone, on climate change, unplanned and uncontrolled development, encroachment of river banks, lakes, ponds, and massive loss of wet lands, absence of local government flood forecasting system, and poor governance.[7] The Armed Forces humanitarian assistance mission in response to the floods was named Mission Sahayata (assistances). Northern Command's humanitarian assistance to Civil authorities was named 'Operation MEGH RAHAT'.[8] [9] The Indian Army, Air Force, and the Navy, committed large resources to the assistance mission including over 30,000 troops ( 21,000 in Srinagar, and 9000 in Jammu), 15 engineer task forces, 84 Indian Air Force and Army Aviation Corps fixed wing transport aircraft and helicopters, naval commandos and rescue specialists, and Base Hospital, four field hospitals, over 106 medical detachments.[4][10] "Operation Megh Rahat", ended on 19 September 2014, but "Operation Sadbhavna", the relief and medical assistance support, according to government press release, will continue in "close synergy with the civil administration and the police".i hpe this works.,....