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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, I'm ( Your name ) from Class 8. This Morning/Afternoon/Evening, I've come to throw light on the topic ' Learning has no age bar'. I begin my speech by saying " Live as a teacher, Be a student forever". Nobody in this this world knows everything. When you are a toddler, you have to learn how to walk. After you learn how to walk, you have to learn how to talk. After you learn how to talk, you'll be sent to school to learn how to read and write. After that, you'll be taught different kinds of subjects, for you to proceed forward in your life. When you proceed forward in life, you have to learn how to work, how to be a leader and so on... Finally, when your old, you have to learn how to use a walking stick and how to chew without teeth and so on. I end my speech by saying Knowledge will not get reduced if you share it with somebody. So keep on sharing knowledge, But never forget to learn something new every time. Thank You. 
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