We learn values from the past like to respect elders,etc...........not only values bout we also learn how to conduct sacrifices, ways of worship, methods of meditation.
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it is excellent but can u tell some more values

The Vedas speak of a variety of matters. They mention a number of sacrifices like agnihotra, somayaga, sattra and isti and other rituals in addition. The Vedas tell you about the conduct of sacrifices, ways of worship, methods of meditation.Vedas teach us many things including sciences like healing, astrology, mathematics etc as well. The impact of Vedas on common man's life would be tremendous if one lives a life according to the dharma prescribed by them because it has almost everything in it right from how a king should conduct himself, how a householder must conduct himself etc. Everything is already thought out and laid down in vedas so that it becomes easier for the common man to adhere to what it says so as to live a happy life.

Understanding Vedas is difficult, so it is good to start with puranas, bhagavad gita, life histories and teachings of saints so that you get a grip on the philosophy of hinduism. Beyond that vedangas and vedas can be read and understood. 

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