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Hey friend!
So the topic is 'Corruption'.
India is known for it's wondrous culture and traditions. It is an impeccable beauty.But nowadays, It is losing its utmost beauty due to pollution, corruption all the things that we do.....
Do We humans do such good deeds to our nation?
Everywhere corruption all over the nation. 
We think that we have gained freedom already.But I would say no! We still attain freedom, we are living in a corrupted country! Is this what you call as freedom? We must first of all eradicate our nation of the corrupt breed of traitors who are ready to sell our country for personal gain.I would say that we have never been completely destroyed by outside enemies but always by traitors inside. Power does not corrupt, but it corrupts those who are corruptible to begin with !
Because today money and muscle play a very important role which is reflected in the low conviction rate.Nowadays people mostly politicians think that they can do anything with money. But do you think all their money is what they have got by doing many good work? No not at all ! In that most of the money would be from illegal business. If we pay our taxes we needn't worry about this sudden demonetisation act at all. It trembles those who have crores of black money who don't even pay their taxes.So this is why corruption cases should be tried on a daily basis. So friends let us join our hands together to make our country corruption free. Hope this helps!
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