u can start with- one more beautiful forest disappeared, thousands of animals died again, till when it will go on. then a quotation about trees like they just give but never take then  write about trees then their benefits to humans then what will be the life of humans without trees. then how much forest have benn cleared then how can human and tree exist together then how to save trees and at last say that on independence day we should take pledge to save trees and plant more trees on independence day. then end with a beautiful quotation.

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For writing it i may start wid a beautiful quote.then u wud say about the things which are changing in this world.after tht the benefits of trees can be told and u can even tell abt mans greed.u can end up wid a gud line related to our freedom but u can say tht if plants are not thr thn thr is no means of our freedom even becoz if plants completely finish thn we wud also die
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