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Impact of conversion of forest into agricultural land for urban development :

1. It reduces the number of trees thereby increasing the number the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

2. Reducing the number of trees for agriculture ultimately increases soil erosion in that area. We all know that without soil life cannot survive on earth.

3. Forests are lifeline of earth.They give us fruits , vegetables , fibre , medicines , fuel and many other valuable things. Thus we would not get these things if there are no forest left.

4. Conversion of forests also effects the water cycle on earth and global warming. More ice caps have started melting increasing the rise of sea level.
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this conversion is having a very bad impact on human life as well as on the environment:-


increase in pollution level

increase in diseases

decrease in rainfall

----------------------- overall we can say that this conversion would lead to total destruction and instability on the planet-------------------------------------

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