Democracy tries to ensure freedom of speech and right to media. So everyone have the equal opportunity to put forward all their statements and words. Media plays an important role by giving a platform on various shows and broadcasting it on the number of channels. All the differences between Government and the People or Political Parties are talked and at last a conclusion a given after hearing from both the sides with the help of media. So indirectly democracy provide platform to deal with differences and conflict. But in dictatorship or monarchy no freedom is there to talk upon which ultimately lead to conflict.
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Democracy provides platform for both differences and conflict..democracy respects the opinions of all the people and allows all the people to live together in a nation.let us take our India as an example: in India there are many men and women who belong to different castes and everyone has their own ideas,and not everyone will look at the world in a same way so each and everyone has different preferences.mentalities etc...but the democracy always provides a peaceful path for any problem.democracy makes all the people who belond to different cultures one.and also democracy shows equality among all so we can't specifically say whis the only winner/looser.and also different people belonging to different cultures,religions can live together in democracy peacefully. So by these all we can say thta democracy provides a platform to deal with differences and conflict........ Hope this helps u.pls mrk as brainliest...