It is true that honesty is the best policy. Today, we see many things around us which are not honest. Many persons are dishonest. Dishonesty may shine for some time. It may earn money, power and men. But all this is for a short time. Honesty is courageous, dishonesty is a coward. Honesty is bound to shine after the night of dishonesty. There is no place for dishonest people on the earth. They lose the battle in the end. An honest person only can win a place in the hearts of people. Double-faced men get temporary response but they are thrown out of people's hearts. Dishonesty cannot face the reality. It has to say hundred lies to hide one act of dishonesty. Therefore honesty is the best policy

1. Honesty means not to lie and not to do things that are morally wrong.

2. H
onesty also means being loyalfair, and sincere.

3. Honesty helps us to steer in the right direction in life and helps us to avoid criminal activities.

4. An honest person are respected and trusted because they are known for their truth.

5. Honesty is the best policy because no matter how much you lie but someday truth will always come out.