Refer the document, it has steps as screen shot

steps to make a password protected folder-

1)click on review tab

2)click on restrict editing

3)click on the checkbox of Limit formatting to a selection of styles

4)click on settings

5)click on the checkbox for styles you want available in the document

6)click on ok

7)click on the checkbox to specify editing restrictions

8)click on the down arrow & select the type of editing to permit

9)select part of the document to make them available for editing

10)click on the checkbox to identify users allowed to edit the selected parts of the document

11)click on yes, start enforcing protection

12)type a password

13)retype the password

14)click on ok

15)click on the save icon from quick access toolbar

word protects the document & saves the password

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the answer is not clear to me i mean how to get that where is review tab written if i say answer is not clear
he review tab is on the bar where home,insert etc. r written
you'll see written on the side- protect document
OMG I am saying that i have to protect a folder not a document