She was one of the daughters of the King Janaka in the,she's a normal human with no avataras.
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Urmila is the sister of the sita and she's also the wife of lakshmana-brother of lord ram..she doesn't have any avataras like sita..and the main thing about her is.....when she was married to laxmana/lakshmana he couldn't have time for caring urmila coz he has to look after his brother and sister in-law.when these two have married the goddess of nidra came to laxmana but laxmana said I can't have sleep coz I have to look after my brother and sister in law so I have to stay awake...let us make an agreement that I can go to sleep after 14yrs...then godess of sleep goes near urmila then urmila says pls give me that sleep of my husband so he can take care of his brother and sister in law...then she gives sleep to the urmila....if urmila doesn't do this then he couldn't have look after his bro and sis in law this is her story.... Hope this helps.pls mrk as brainliest.....
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