Cotton is a natural fibre of veg.origin like linen,jute or hemp composed of cellulose and it is a principle crop of india as it helps us to increse our economy of our country by providing substantial empoyment. there are 4 major cotton species of cultivated cotton in india  2 of them are diploid and the other 2 tetraploid... lets talk about jute      ......    jute cultivation is started in india in 800b.c for manufacturing cordage,paper, band cloth etc.... jute belongs to the family of chorchorus. there are 2 species which are cultivated in india white jute and toss jute and their range of height is about 2 to 4 meters.....
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Cotton and jute are the 2 main fibre crops of India. India is the 3rd largest producer of cotton in the world. high temperatures, moderate rainfall, black and red soils are best suited to cultivation of cotton. The main cotton producing states are Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat.

Uniformly high temperatures(more than 25C), heavy rainfall (more than 150 cms), high relative humidity, tropical monsoon climate favours the cultivation of Jute. Almost all of India's Jute is produced in West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Orissa, Meghalaya.