Pollution is something which contaminants the natural and healthy environment which  causes adverse changes in the environment causing problems which raises health problems to  people .Pollution can be different forms it be caused chemically and energy wise different types of pollutions are noise polllution, air pollution,water pollution ,soil pollution etc.........
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The environment is made up of systems, cycles, and specialized relationship between living and non-living elements .when everything is working the way it should be, all the living organisms within the environment ,including humans ,are healthy and thriving.
In the same way if something harmful is introduced in to the environmental cycle ,or part of the cycle is disrupted ,it can cause a chain reaction of problems right through the rest of the system . these changes can really hurt the health and well being of living organisms .one of these negetive changes is pollution. which is the result of unnatural elements entering the environment . unfortunately , humans are fault in this regard..anything that is harmful to the environment is pollution. litter, car exhaust, motor oil, used tires, smoke , chemicals ,disposed computer,mobile phone material,etc all of these can have an instant or a gradual impact on our health .
The four types of pollution:
(i) air pollution
(ii) water pollution
(iii) land pollution
(iv) sound pollution

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