An immortal book and a legacy for ages to come. This book is an autobiography of Gandhi.

It is a detailed account of Gandhi’s consisting of Gandhi’s self penned essays  on his experiments and covers all aspects of the Mahatma’s spiritual life.

This Autobiography is divided in five parts starting from his childhood days, his experience in South Africa where he experimented with the powerful weapon of Satyagraha and his transformation from Mohan to Mahatma, his various experiments on fundamental principles of Truth and God, till the year 1921, after which his life was so public that he felt there was hardly anything to write about.

Gandhi’s Non-violent struggle in South Africa and India had already brought him to such a level of notoriety, adulation and controversy that when asked to write an autobiography mid way through his career, he took it as an opportunity to explain himself.

Accepting his status as a great innovator in the struggle against racism, violence and colonialism, Gandhi felt that his ideas needed deeper understanding. Gandhi explains that he was after truth rooted in devotion to God and  attributed the turning point, success and challenges in his life to the will of God.