It was due to the curse of the godess bhudevi(godess of land)..bcoz when karna was going to thr battle field there came a girl catching ghee in her seeung karna and the chariot she was frightened and the ghee which she was catching was fell down then karna got off the chariot to help her.the ghee was fallen on the ground.but karna took that soil on which ghee was fallen and he squeezed the land and gave that ghee to the this bhudevi git angry coz everything that falls in the land belongs to her but karna squeezed the soil and gave back the ghee to her so she cursed karna that when you are fighting in the battle field ur chariots wheel will get strucked into me I will see how u will get rid of that...this is not only the reason why karna has lost in the kurukshethra battle there are many reasons why karna had lost....nearly 100 more than that too. Hope this helps....pls mrk as brainliest.....
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In the battle of mahabharata, the wheel of karna's chariot got struck. it was due to curse of godess bhudevi
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