Teenagers often misunderstand things more than being misunderstood and think that things were meant to mock them or stuff.. Well I personally haven't witnessed anything serious in this regard but yeah i, being a teenager, have once been misunderstood by a teenager only.
I got up late in the morning and realized that my van uncle would leave me if I would be late 10 more minutes. Quickly, after getting ready, i rushed to call the elevator. On the way down to ground floor, elevator stopped on a floor and two brothers ( a little one and an older one) stepped inside the elevator. The teenager one, kept pressing the open button as he was waiting for his sister to come. We waited a couple of minutes for his sister but she didn't come.Despite the fact that I was getting too late, I didn't even utter a single word. After some while, his little brother said "fast" irritatedly. The older one thought that I was the one who said that and without even thinking once he started to speak rubbish about me, saying that I was illiterate and all. Completely astound by what was happening, I on that very moment said that "It wasn't me, it was your brother". Even after realizing his mistake, he didn't say sorry at all and that rude expression could still be seen on his face.