Sher singh was a boy who belonged to the jungle, twelve years by age, brown in complexion and the story journey by night sher singh is portrayed as a boy of tender age yet strong at heart. he holds a great amount of brotherly affection for his brother kunwar due to which he accepts the life costing challenge of reaching him to the hospital. he was a boy who owned a high level of understanding. he realizes that if kunwar was to be taken to the hospital it should be done by him. on his risk filled way to the hospital although he encounters many a dangers yet he doesnt back out. bravery, courage and determination as his weapons he was lead forward by his undying love for his brother. he did stop or let his hoped diminish even when he faced the most challenging situations during his journey. we see that he was a boy of courage and strong will. he was determined and focused towards his goal to save his brother's life. he was the owner of a fearless mind. even though he was bought up in the atmosphere of uneducated and backward class people who only view the hospital as a resort of the doomed yet was the one who took the initiative to reach kunwar to the hospital as he feared the lost of yet another sibling
predicament means circumstances...