Skilled vs unskilled jobsWork flexibility and satisfaction are just as desirable as money, and you’re more likely to tick those boxes if you’re considered to be a skilled worker. So what's the difference between skilled work and unskilled work?Unskilled workers definitely makethe world go around just as muchas skilled workers do – our country couldn't function withoutlabourers, factory staff, service orretail assistants – but when it comes to having career choices and higher wages, skilled workersfind it easier to take advantage ofopportunities. This is because oureconomy needs to have a spread of specialist workers in order to keep lots of different industries going.You might have heard the term ‘skills shortages’. This relates to the different skill levels required for different types of jobs and comes up when there aren’t enough workers with the right training and skills to fill those jobs. Skills shortages can cause problems for the economy. If youcan prove you have the right skills and knowledge then you can take advantage of those gaps.Becoming a skilled worker meansyou can take on a wider variety oftasks and responsibilities, and you're likely to enjoy greater independence if your skills and expertise are acknowledged by your industry.