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Games are essential and a necessity for children. Physical exercise keeps the body fit and trim, thus ensuring healthy eating habits. If there are no games for children in school, they tend to get weary and bored of school routine, and studies become a drag. The love of sports developed in children will remain with them when they get older, and it is no hidden fact that sports especially in the older ages tones the muscles and lets you age gracefully. Introduction to sports at an early age develops teamwork, and sportsmanship in children. They believe themselves capable and worthy of excellence in this one field. It improves their focus, blood flow and freshens them and makes them fare better in their studies. A research showed that students partaking in sports were having better academic performance than the ones who were not exposed to physical games. Games also seemed to give a boost in character building and preparing the children for student leadership boards. The obesity graph for children and adults has been growing drastically since the past few years, which applies for an increase in school sports. Children do not realize the implications of exercise in older years. Parents need to develop an interest and understanding of the importance of games. The option of choice should be present at all costs. If the students are forced to take physical education period they may develop a repulsive dislike for games, and may never lurk near it. Outdoor games are recreational and they ensure that children are exposed to fresh air and exercise, which they might not get at home, the television and the computer dragging them away from any forms of physical workout. These games not only give physical education but they instill educational and social values in children. This is why sports is important.
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Yes sports is very important part of school is because with academic activities physical activities are also required hence sports should be made an important part not only that playing sports provides entertainment,a break from studies for children.not only that it also reduces obesity in some children.hence sports should be made compulsory in schools

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