Today is one of the memorable day to me in my life.Ienjoyed alot with all my friends in amusement park.After i getting a notice that we had a trip to park i was excited and i was preparing how to enjoy.This morning i woke up early and got ready.Right from the time we started trip i was active and made fun with my buddies.Wavepool and raindance were exceptional i danced,jumped,hopped with my mates.I became a good dancer at that moment.we even had few animals a type of zooo environment.I was amazed on seeing animals there.We had goo lunch and snacks in the evening.We went to rides.I played cricket and other games and won prizes as well.On the whole awesome day and fabulous moments.
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24th march 2016                                                                              12:00am

I've visited the amusement park really I've enjoyed a lot because I was there at the amusement park with all my best friends. For first time ever I had a ride on the roller coaster, at first it as bit jittery ( nervous ) and even agitated ( appearing to be nervous ) but yet I could manage and I had enjoyed a lot because of my dear best friends. The amusement park was really awesome and stupendous because there were amazing games to play and even the way it was decorated and arranged was awesome. I've enjoyed a lot and I hope everyone had a great time.  
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