.Spherical mirrors are useful in our daily life in many ways.
2.There are two types of mirrors convex and concave.
3.Convex mirrors are used as rear view mirrors in cars,scooters,buses etc.This helps us to see the traffic behind the vehicle,which avoids accidents while taking turns.
4.big convex mirrors are used as shop security mirrors.
5.concave mirrors are also used in solar heating devices.
6.concave mirrors are used as shaving mirrors to see a large image of the chin or face.
7.concave mirrors are used as doctor's head mirrors to focus light coming from a lamp on to the body parts of the patient to be examined by the doctor.
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Uses::: Concave Mirror : --to concentrate the solar radiations in solar heating devices. --these are used by the dentists to focus the light on tooth. --used as shaving /make up mirrors so that we can see zoomed image. --these are also used as the refectors in the cars to reflect the light/to obtain the light. Convex Mirrors:: --these are used as rear view mirrirs in vehicles so that they increase the view. --these are also used as street light reflctors so that the light can be reflected throughout the street etc..and these mirrors are also used in printing and various physics experiments. Hope this helps u.pls mark as bainliest...
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