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For ex take a cup of tea and tea in a keep it aside for some we can say that the tea in saucer has cooled down faster than the cup of tea.bvoz the surface area of saucer is more than the cup so the hot particles can escape more than the particles in the the liquid will be evaporated fastly if there is more surface area like the oceans have more surface area and the water in those ecaporates a lot and forms clouds.and also if water vapour is more in surroundings then the water cant evaporate much as there is higher content of vapoir in air. Hope this helps.pls mark as brainliest.
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as the surface area increases rate of evaporation increases as well

thus rate of evaporation is directly proportional to surface area

and due to the presence of already existing vapours in the surroundings, the rate of evaporation decreases

thus rate of evaporation is inversely proportional to amount of already existing vapours in the atmosphere.

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