Land, water and forests are the primary resources of agricultural production, and are the resources essential to maintain human life and well-being. The use of these resources must be balanced with conservation to support sustained national development, and to avoid environmental degradation and losses in agricultural productivity. The natural resource base provides many benefits to different groups of people in both urban and rural areas.The environment that sustains human populations is used by people in many ways. Farms and forests supply nations with a wide range of important raw materials: timber, wood, pulp, minerals, leather, and foodstuffs, which are further processed into manufactured goods such as lumber. paper, pharmaceuticals, footwear and flour. These raw materials and finished products are important to the economic security of the country, and to the food security of its citizens. Water resources are essential for life, and are harnessed as a critical input for economic growth, including agriculture and industry. Natural resources also provide rural people with food, medicines, game, honey, gums and resins, condiments and other goods that are exchanged or used for secondary processing, and contribute greatly to rural subsistence economies.

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