Good morning everyone I'm ____________ ( use your name here ) I'm standing in front of you to deliver a speech on my topic odd and even policy in Delhi. Well it is really a awesome work started because we know that now all most whole world is facing global warming due to the pollution cause by the human and even natural works. We know that now a days we can see too much traffic and because of this there are 3 major things done i.e. wasting of natural fuels, sound pollution and even air pollution. To take over the problems made by the pollution this method of odd and even policy in Delhi is used so that the traffic will be less and even both the sound and air pollution will come under our control and because of this the global warming will be less and even the growth of many air and sound born diseases will become less. Therefore I conclude that this odd and even policy in Delhi is really helpful and even it is beneficial. Thanks a lot to listen to me.