1.15 g of an organic compound was analysed by Kjeldahl's method and the ammonia produced was collected in 30 mL of normal HCl solution. The excess of acid consumed 18.4 mL of normal sodium hydroxide solution for back titration. Calculate the percentage of nitrogen in the substance. [Ans : N = 14.12%]

I want the detail answer for the above question



% of N = 1.4*M(V-V1)/m
M = molarity of HCl solution
V = volume of HCl in ml
V1 = volume of HCl neutralise by NaOH in ml
m = weight of compound taken in gm.
% of N = 1.4*1*11.6/1.15                 (for HCl normality = molarity)
% of N = 14.12

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your answer is correct,but i expected more steps.i want in detail
sorry here V1 = volume of NaOH to neutralise the excess HCl in ml.