Project on showing consumption and conservation of resource in your locality : 

natural resources / resources: We all are well blessed with many and great amount of natural resources. The natural resources like petroleum, diesel, electricity and many others like wind energy, tidal energy and all. Really the energy consumption now a days is really too much because of the increasing population and all other man kind's greed and all the usage manner and all. 
we know the natural resources are of two kinds i.e 
⇒ renewable resources
⇒ non - renewable resources 
the use of natural resources :
* we all the members of our society are trying to conserve the natural resources. 

* we are trying to ensure that no one will waste the precious natural resources because many parts of our world are facing crisis of the natural resources. 

* we are even trying to use other alternative resources like solar energy. so that we can conserve other resources for our future generations and their future generations.

* we all, all most consume too much amount of resources. It's common every where we go but conserving the resources is really needed by any one this can be seen in our locality. 

* In our locality, there are people who do car pooling and even using the public transport so that the petroleum and diesel can be saved and not wasted on the name of richness and all etc.
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