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CONCAVE: 1. Spherical mirror in which reflecting surface is on the inside. 2. Coated from outside 3. Converging 4. Forms real image 5. Inverted image 6. Forms magnified image 7. Except when placed in between F and P 8. Can be caught in screen 9. f is negative 10.magnification. is negative. Ex: inner surface if metallic spoon CONVEX: 1. Reflecting surface is outside 2. Coated inside 3. Diverging 4. Forms virtual image 5. Erect image is formed 6. Diminished image 7. Cannot be caught on screen 8. f is positive 9. Magnification is positive 10.Ex: outer surface of spoon
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Concave mirror is curved inwards. 
Convex mirror is curved outwards.
It is the point where the beam of ray intersects after reflection or tend to intersect. It is located on the principal axis.
The focal point of concave mirror is in front of the mirror.
The focal point of convex mirror is behind the mirror
In convex mirror the image is always virtual, upright and smaller than the object.
In case of concave mirror different types of images are formed on different location of the object. The image is upside down (inverted) and far away but if we bring the object close to the mirror then image will be larger and upright.

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