ORGANIC- name its self you can understand that its a natural materials .organic farming is also called as ecological agriculture. Its a old type of cultivation with a morden term as "sustainable renewable resources ".In organic forming they won't use any chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers they use natural means to deal with pest problems( ash,also some insects which are friendly to plant but enemy for plant destroying insects and cow urine) and all-natural fertilizers for soil nourishment such as manure( decomposed leaf/cow dum)....don't think its bizzar things they use. Oragnic food are the best healthy food to consume.
Organic farming works in harmony with nature rather than against it. This involvesusing techniques to achieve good crop yields without harming the naturalenvironment or the people who live and work in it. The methods and materialsthat organic farmers use are summarised as follows:To keep and build good soil structure and fertility:• recycled and composted crop wastes and animal manures• the right soil cultivation at the right time• crop rotation• green manures and legumes• mulching on the soil surfaceTo control pests, diseases and weeds:• careful planning and crop choice• the use of resistant crops• good cultivation practice• crop rotation• encouraging useful predators that eat pests• increasing genetic diversity• using natural pesticides