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Well the much hyped and much talked about topic in todays general scenario is the effect of greenhouse on human civilisation ,as we know the green house effect is due to those gases which are traped by earths atmosphere and therefore increase the temperature of the earth, gases such as co2 no2 are the frontrunners in this greenhouse effect because there are the ones which cause pollution ,pollution and green house effect are interelated terms because it is due pollution and emission of such gasses the green house effect is increasing , due to this green house effect the world today is expreciencing and increase in ground temperature , unsual climatic changes,enlongated summers , and unusual raining patterns, few studies have even showed the melting of icecapes near the poles as a result of which there would be increase in the ocean surface area and also a danger of submerging of landforms there is also a threat of various animals getting extint especially aquatic species 
the only solution to this problem is to reduce pollution and to achieve that we nned to plant trees ,use renewable resources which dont cause pollution the responsibility to save earth from this dreaded p[roblem lies upon us 
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