We can say that photosynthesis maintains balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide.when a plants preparing food it consumes CO2 and releases O2. So here it consumes CO2.and when there is absence of sunlight/or in the night times plant has to prepare food so here in this case it consumes O2 and gives out by this in the case of sunlight plants takes in CO2 and gives out O2.but in second case sunlight is absent so it takes in O2 coz the stomata will be closed...and gives out here it maintains balance between both O2 and CO2. Hope this helps.pls mark as brainliest....
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Plants take in carbon dioxide which is produced by animals . It takes in water, sunlight and carbon dioxide(produced by animals) to make food and oxygen is a by product in this hole process . So we can say that plants take in carbon dioxide (which is also harmful for nature and a by product of animals) and produce oxygen which is needed by all the animals to survive . So animals take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide and plants take in carbon dioxide and give oxygen. Hope this helps you out!!!!!
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