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Sice india is a peninsular country the southern part of our nation is generally humid , climate wise due to trade winds coming from the arabian sea we experience good monsoons and also since we are a coastal country the industry of shipping and commerce is quite advantageous to us and helps in easy imports and exports ,oceans also give livelihood to fisherman , and our ocean bed also has rich oil reserves so it is easy for us to extract and use them 
Locational Advantage

Located in south Asia, India has its border countries as China, Bhutan and Nepal on north-west side, Myanmar and Bangladesh on East side and Afghanistan & Pakistan on its North-West side. The great Himalaya Mountains divide India from rest of Asia in its North side. Some of the emerging and established markets such as Middle-East and South East countries are also closely located.

Naturally connected via the sea route from the other three sides, India is surrounded by Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean which facilitates most its overseas trade in all directions.

Total area of the country is about 3.3 million square kilometers, 90% of which is land area. India is the seventh largest country in the world in area. India’s coast line spreads over a length of 7,517 kilometers on three sides.