If outdooor and in a building on the third or the fourth floor take the stairs to climb down and not an elevator 1. 2 get putside the building in an open space to make sure that if any building falls you will be safe !! Hope tis helps
Do's and Don'ts Before , During and After an Earthquake 
• If you’re outdoors, stay in the open away from power lines or anything that might fall. Stay away from building (stuff might fall off the building or the building could fall on you)
• Don’t use matches, candles or any flame. There might be broken gas lines.
• If you’re in a car, stop0 the car until the earthquake stops.
• Don’t use elevators (they’ll probably get stuck)

What you should do after an earthquake? 
• Check yourself and others for injuries. Provide first aid for anyone who needs it.
• Turn on the radio. Don’t use the phone unless it’s an emergency.
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