What socio economic advantage India has because of its following features related to size and location?1.strategic position in south asia2.India's vast coast line surrounded by Indian Ocean,Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea3.Division into almost two equal parts4. 82 1/2 * E longitude being taken as the standard meridian of India



1. India has a strategic position in South Asia, which connects both east and west Asia.
2. Its strategic location helps the country to maintain trade and commerce links with the countries in both east and west Asia.
3. It helps in greater social contact and cultural exchanges with other countries.
4. India can easily establish connectivity with Europe and Africa.
5. The great Himalayas in the North serve as a natural protected barriers from any kind of intrusion thereby giving it a military and political advantage.
6. Since it is surrounded by Indian Ocean , Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, it helps in the greater transportation of goods and can establish important sea routes.
7. The size of the country adds to the advantage as it provides for more resources ,large population ,sea boundaries ,and greater social diversities.

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