We set off in the silence of early morning to Tuscumbia so that no one finds where we are going.we took our bicycles and started moving.we found no one in the street ,there were street lights glowing.suddenly they were turned off,scared we stopped near the bushes and were waiting for the electricity to be on. we were able to see a small torch light and could guess that it was a man. there were many so ,doubtfully we tiptoed to the corner where those men were standing.they were carrying bags of brown sugar(drug).i asked raghu to contact with the police and he left. i was standing there all alone.unable to control myself i leaned to see them,one of them saw and caught me .they decided to kill me.but,raghu was in time with the police.the robbers were busted.cop called us and congratulated us . this was a thrilling parents were happy to see us in the newspaper the following day
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