People always think of success. They think of winning. But, they don't always realize that, winning is not so important than participating. Yes, I agree with that winning is good, as I am not denying this thing. But, participating is the main thing, as there is always something to learn and know which I don't know, so that I can aim at my weaknesses, and work hard at it. Yes, but if you can also win that is also good, but winning doesn't teach you something (of course but, it teaches us the joy of winning), winning is something you take over because, you know a lot about it. So, there is nothing to learn by winning but, if we can't at a time, we have to recognise that weaknesses of ours, and goal to study it so much that next time, no one can win over me. We have to participate and try to win it next time. 

So, with these speech I end my speech in the favour that, " Winning is not always so important than participating ". 
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In today’s competitive world, everyone is eager to win the race. No one is ready to accept the second position in his life. Life is turning into a race in which people are not realizing that they are leaving behind many things of dire importance. We should all have the will to win but winning is not everything. The whole struggle which you do to win something is also very important.  But sometimes losing is also beneficial for us. It is not necessary to win every time your participate. Sometimes you have to go through failures too. At that time you should not be disappointed or frustrated at the result. Every experience teaches you something which makes you more mature and capable of dealing with problems

Participation is more important than just winning. If you will keep on participating in different events then surely one day you will get the result of your hard work. It is not necessary that every time the winner alone gets appreciation and fame for his work. There are many examples of real life champions who have never come first in their life but they are perfect in their lives. It does not matter that you win or lose, all that matters is the courage to participate.  It is very essential to fight in life rather than just conquering it. You should be ready to face all kinds of challenges and hurdles which come in your way.

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