Good morning to the respected Principal sir, teachers and my dear friends. My name is…., I study in class…. I would like to speech on the topic of adult education in India. As we all know that education is very important for all age group people and it is a lifelong process. Education process is not limited to any age, person, place or other limitation of the life. It can be continued all through the life because it does not end with the schooling. Individual education plays great role in the development and growth of life, person, society and country. Being a democratic country without educated people, is useless. India is a sovereign democratic republic country struggling hard for becoming the developed country like other countries in the world.

Education helps a person to develop to its fullest extent and makes one able to perform duties and responsibilities according to the interests, efficiency and abilities. The level of education in India in the past time was very much anxious however it is being better day by day. The education status of adult in India is very bad however going ahead on the road of planned progress. There has been some revolutionary changes as well in the Indian society. Modern adult need to tackle the complexities of society by understanding the need of rapid changing world.

There should be good education system for all the citizens to fight the social evils of poverty, unemployment, ignorance, ill-health, illiteracy, child abuse, molestation, etc in the society. All the social evils can be abolished only through the tool of education. There is illiteracy in the Indian society because of the lack of proper adult education. Adult education is the only tool to remove illiteracy from society. Adult education can be categorized under fundamental education, mass education of people, workers education, further education, basic education, community education and social education, etc in order to educate the people at different level. According to the Mahatma Gandhi, adult education can be said as education for life, through life and throughout the life.

Adult education is necessary for the personal enrichment of the people, effective participation in many areas like social, political, international level affairs, professional advancement, etc. Adult education improves individual peacefulness, enhances working efficiency, leads towards progress in life, strives the learning in society. Adult education is the part time education given to the 15-35 years age group people who never attempted or some schooling before. Adult education aims to prepare adult for an social, economic, civic and political role.

According to the survey, it is found that countries having low literacy level are economically backward which realizes the importance of adult education for the countries to progress. Adult literacy raises standard of living and brings economic development and social transformation in the country. Government of India has made the adult education as the matter of great appreciation under the project of “Education for All” by giving a call to million of adults for education.

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