Below are 3 instances where BOP is very necessary:

1. Judging the stability of a floating exchange rate system is easier with BOP as the record of exchanges that take place between nations help track the accumulation of currencies in the hands of those individuals more willing to hold on to them.
2. Judging the stability of a fixed exchange rate system is also easier with the same record of international exchange. These exchanges again show the extent to which a currency is accumulating in foreign hands, raising questions about the ease of defending the fixed exchange rate in a future crisis.
3. To spot whether it is becoming more difficult for debtor counties to repay foreign creditors, one needs a set of accounts that shows the accumulation of debts, the repayment of interest and principal and the countries ability to earn foreign exchange for future repayment. A set of BOP accounts supplies this information.

Some of these factors can directly affect a country's trade account, reducing exports or increasing imports. Others may reduce the financing available for international transactions; for example, investors may lose confidence in a country's prospects leading to massive asset sales, or "capital flight." In either case, diagnoses of, and responses to, crises are complicated by linkages between various sectors of the economy. Imbalances in one sector can quickly spread to other sectors, leading to widespread economic disruption.
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