Swachta Ke Prati Mera Yogdaan the indirect meaning of this is to keep our surrounding clean and green that is swatch bharat  was introduced by PM mr modi at present the swatch bharat is going on succesfully in india half of the india became clean and green , the abdul kalam wrote an book of 2020
year to become clean, green,well developed, acknowledge etc. if we keep our surrounding clean than we will be healthy and our neighbours and the earth will be saved form global warming. pollution is the main cause for global warming the delhi government posted an rule that this number 
 vehicle should come out in this date in that way they are decreasing global warming on earth if global warming increases than the ozone layer will get samshed and the uv rays get directly into earth and humans may cause blood cancer ,skin cancer, etc. human will burnt off and there will be no living thing on earth so we should keep our surrounding clean and green.
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