Write a story on given hints Meghavi- brilliant student - always topped class - suddenly her performance declined - parents and teaches worried - school counsellor talked to her - found out the reason - little sleep,early morning coaching classes,long hours of self study at night and poor diet - suggested some lifestyle changes - gradually Meghavi'sperformance improved



Once there was a girl named Meghavi aged 15.She was a brilliant student.She was always the topper of her class in studies.Suddenly,her progress/performance in studies decreased.Because of this her parents & teachers were worried.In English she used to score 45/50 & now it became just 20/50.Likewise, her performance decreased in other subjects.She was taken to the school counsellor Mr.Adhyapak for counselling.Mr.adhyapak found the reason that she used to sleep for less time,she'd early morning coaching classes due-to-which her sleep had become irregular.She was also undergoing exam stress/phobia so she used to do self-study at night for long slots & so her diet & health became poor.Mr.Adhyapak suggested her some lifestyle changes/tips.& she strictly followed 'em.Now,gradually her performance improved & again she reached her position of being the topper of her class.