1. King Louis XVI was met with an empty treasury
2. Due to this reason he increased taxes.
3. The poor was unable to keep up with the increasing taxes.
4. The French society had three estates. The third estate only payed taxes.
5. The first and second estates enjoyed extra rights.
6. The rule pf King Louis XVI was despotic.
Excuse me u have written wrong King Louis XVI was a king who were trying to stop French Revolution and napoleon wanted to deafeat his supporters and the Russian King CZAR used to all these things
even King Louis also did these. Due to these reasons the citizens wanted to dethrone him and that is why he was opposing French Revolution
Okay but all these points goes to King czar
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Causes of the revolution include the following: 

-Resentment of royal absolutism. 
-Resentment of the seigneurial system by peasants, wage-earners, and a rising bourgeoisie. 
-The rise of enlightenment ideals. 
-An unmanageable national debt, both caused by and exacerbating the burden of a grossly inequitable system of taxation. 
-Food scarcity in the years immediately before the revolution.