15 The Frog and the Nightingale Scene-12
: The frog and nightingale heard what Madame Berluti said. The Nightingale was ruined. The frog, full of happiness inside looked at the nightingale who was in despair. It will be over soon and who else can break her apart but him?
: You stupid, untalented creature, what were you doing?
: I was singing your song.
: Don’t you dare talk back! You ruined yourself. How are you ever going to
get back on, you little star! Practice!

I can’t sing anymore.

: What did you say? Sing!
: (Takes a deep breath) I... I...(Clutches her throat)
: The Nightingale falls to the ground, dead.
: You came here to be a star and what a star you were? You brought unity to this forest;
they all loved you, didn’t they? But who’s here to save you?
... No one.
Where is our great lion or dear rabbit? You should’ve
sung your own
song, you shouldn’t have
listened but then again you were nothing but an incompetent creature with no backbone. You thought the world would shower you with flowers? (snorts) Well You were wrong.

16 The Frog and the Nightingale Scene-13

Everyone came to the nightingale’s funeral. They did love
her but
they couldn’t save her. The fox and rabbit knew but never told. The frog stood quietly next to her grave. The Nightingale’s parents looked at her grave and
they were broken beyond repair. The father looked at the frog.
: What happened?
: I tried to save her but
a bad world.
: Oh, did you?
: I did.
: The truth? He killed her and he didn’t save her, he couldn’t because he didn’t want to.
It is truly
a bad world, isn’t it?

17 The Frog and the Nightingale Scene-14
Mr. Donell
: Everybody,
not a happy ending, I know but you need to learn
from the Nightingale’s mistakes, your song mus
t always be your own. The world is not that bad, have faith in yourself and you can do anything and this is me, a hundred year old turtle who
’s seen the
world, telling you. You are
amazing, you don’t need
others to tell you that and you will one day make your
own path to the stars without anyone’s help because you don’t need
others, you have yourself and you will give yourself the courage and strength you will need to survive.
The end