First wife( fw), second wife (sw)

First wife: hi
second wife: hi, how are you
fw: i am fine wt about u
sw: i am fine wt you are buying
fw: i am buying house hold food 
sw: hoo 
fw: than you
sw nothing for maggi
fw: have youwr husband went to job     
sw yes
fw: our childrens got holidays
sw: our childrens also got holidays
fw: than send them to my house they will play games
sw: yes i will send them to your house
fw:take care of your children give them more water
sw: yes
fw:dont eat outside food 
sw: i am  not giving money to buy outside food
fw : yes outside food is dangerous
sw :so many childrens dieing due to outside food
fw:take care of your childrens
sw:same to u
fw: bye have a nice time
sw:ok bye
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