Explain what role did women have in Nazi Society.

The Nazi government wanted to propagandize the “Aryan” woman. In various posters and other forms of media, this ideal Nazi woman was strong, fertile, and wore historically traditional German clothing. If a German girl must choose between marriage or a career, she will always be encouraged to marry, because that is what is best for a woman". It is not possible to make a mental leap to the conservative and patriarchal societies that prevailed for example during the Second Empire.


1. Girls were told that they had to become good mothers and rear pure-blooded children.
2. Girls had to maintain the purity of the race, stay away from Jews, look after their homes and teach their children Nazi values.
3.Women who bore racially desirable children were awarded with favoured treatment in Hospitals, given discounts in shops, on theatre tickets and railway fares etc. whereas those who bore racially undesirable children were punished.
4. Honour crosses were awarded to women for as many desirable children they gave birth to- a bronze cross was given for four children, silver for six and gold for eight or more.
Women's in Nazi were excepted to:
Give up employment once married
Have much children as possible

1) If the women have four children they didn't have to pay anything back
2) Medals were awarded to women's having more children

3) The Nazi Constitution excluded women from all senior position within the organization.