Write a short note on various sites of Indus Valley civilization.

The Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) was a Bronze Age civilization (3300–1300 BCE, mature period 2600–1900 BCE) extending from what today is northeast Afghanistan to Pakistan and northwest India.

The Indus Valley Civilization is also known as the Harappan Civilization, after Harappa, the first of its sites to be excavated in the 1920s. Excavation of Harappan sites has been ongoing since 1920, with important breakthroughs occurring as recently as 1999.


the indus valley civilization is a big one.it flourished in around 3300 BCE.it is a bronze age civilization.harappa and mahen jodaro was the two cities to be found first among many others.the excavation of rakhigarhi was followed by them.the other sites that were excavated were dholavira , cholistan and ganeriwala.