Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins were having a conversation.

Neil: Tomorrow we are going to take off for Apollo 11. I am very excited about it.
Aldrin: We all are. It will be the first mission to reach moon. 
Collins: But who will be the leader?
Aldrin: Who else? It will be our Neil Armstrong.
Neil: What's the plan tonight. We don't know if the mission will be succesful. There are chances of us getting burn to death in reentry. 
Aldrin: Just think positive.
[The next day, the day of takeoff]
NASA Officials: [By rasio] ALL THE BEST! We hope you will be succesful.

The next day

Collins: We have entered in moon's orbit. Neil, get ready.

The sub spacecraft landed.

Neil: I'm going.
Houston[Nasa control centre]: Are you all ok?
Neil: Yes we're fine. I'm going to step out. Wish me the best of lucks.
 After stepping,

Neil: I've stepped out on the surface of moon. THAT'S A SMALL STEP FOR A MAN, A GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND.

All members were very happy. After 15 minutes Aldrin also stepped out.

Aldrin: Now it's some serious work. We are acually standing on the surface of moon. Let's get to work.

This is an IMAGINARY conversation I made. I don't know the actual thing. If any corrections, Please Help.