Good morning everyone I'm ____________ ( use your name here ). I'm here to deliver a speech on my topic " tradition vs modernity " .Well India is a country which is rich in it's tradition and it's culture. We know that India is the country which was ruled by many rulers, kings, kingdom, other European countries and even some other countries. The modernity is also increasing a lot in all the countries because of the urbanization and even the process of industrialization. The tradition always be the same but the trend set by the modernity will always change a lot. The tradition of one is different from others but yet the modernity would mostly be the same all over because now a days people are addicted to the modernity of each and every aspect. There are many people who are stick-ed to the tradition and most of all are stick-ed to the modernity. Because the modernity is always setting awesome and great trends or impact now a days. Well there are many situations where we will be needing to choose any one of them i.e. modernity or tradition. The answer for this choosing will mostly depend on our culture and old ethnicity. I guess this situation is really hard trying to choose any one but most of the times we can observe there are very less who prefer the modernity. We know that there are many social sins in our normal society like discrimination and these all can be faced only when the modernity will be faced in our daily life situations. I hope this modernity and even the tradition in our daily life to be balanced. If it is balanced then the life of the people in this  society will be good without any imbalance in their life. The tradition will be lost when the ethnicity is followed more and more but yet we need to see through that our rich culture will not be lost and even it is even followed by our  next generations also. The modernity will be off course followed by the next generations. So, we need to see through that the tradition is also followed by them. Therefore I conclude that both the tradition and modernity should be balanced. THANK YOU......!