Many girls are named after rivers eg. Yamuna, Mandakini, and Kaveri. Do you know anyone in your locality who is named after a river? Ask your parents and others and make a list of such names. Could you also find other names related to water e.g. Shabnam?



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when you get such types of questions of research and you dont know anyone like that then put your own creation and imagination.
yes,i know a person her name is  ganga......etc
or other names like yamuna,kauveri,krishna,godaveri,narmada
water related names include Mesi ,Nahla,Nixie..etc

hope it helps...........^-^
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say the names of the rivers
Ganga,aishita(river yamuna),alakananda,athini,avani,atreyi,bahudha, bhanuja,chambalbhagyarathi, bipasha etc.....
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