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Contact Force is a force which acts only when two bodies are in contact with each other. Example : A ball moving on a ground.
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In physics contact forces are forces which act at the point of contact with two object in contrast to body force. example-running,writing,rubbing....
shravani, In the example given above, a ball moving on a ground, what are the contact forces? Example is for forces and not for a situation.
contact force acts at points of contact.
A flying aeroplane is attracted by gravitational force of earth. This is not a contact force. Friction force acts only at points of contact when there is a point of contact.
Contact force is the force acting on the two bodies in contact in contrast of the different forces..
a)like if a body of mass M is lying on the floor then the downward force Mg is equal to the normal reaction N of the body so here Mg is the contact force.....
b)when two different bodies with masses M and m are in contact and a force F is applied to any body produces a contact force Mg(for mass M) or mg (for mass m)
on the other body...
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The force which comes in the direct contact with the objects is called contact force.